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Ask   Submit   My name is Jess, I'm twenty and I'm a beauty therapist & makeup artist from Brisbane, Australia. Also currently in my 2nd year of hairdressing. I like lots of cute things and various music and coffee and travelling and Matt Bellamy a lot. Oh I also enjoy the company of my other half musermatt, luv u bb.

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I would seriously be the best girlfriend like I just want someone who will listen to music with me & go to gigs & get a little drunk with me sometimes & laugh & then have sex then we can travel & do fun things & see places. Maybe we can go get coffee & talk for hours once a week & just explore cool book stores & record shops idk. I don’t even care if you play video games all day I don’t even care if we don’t talk/text all day or you want to hang out with your friends.

I just want someone relaxing & calming to be around & just down to earth. Why is it so hard. I just don’t care about anything & I keep meeting opposite people to that description jfc when will it be my turn.

If you have any of those simple qualities hmu hi please date me.

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